The best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling- An ultimate guide

The best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling- An ultimate guide
best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling

Traveling is the best way to get out of your busy routine. That’s why; you can’t pass up if life offers adventurous travel to you. Coffee is no doubt a non-negotiable ritual for most people whether on the road or at home. While you are on the move, it is our most trusted companion, especially for long travel days. A cup of freshly brewed coffee not only energizes you for a day of adventures and is a great way to enjoy a quiet morning. According to statistics, around 80 million people bring their coffee with them while on travel. If you are on the go and want to start your day with a cup of coffee, you must know the best ways to make coffee while traveling. Here’s how to make coffee on the road and what to include in your coffee travel kit. Ready? Let’s get into it!

The Ultimate Coffee Kit For Travel

Coffee travel kits are the best way to make a delicious brew when you are on the go. A cup of coffee is exactly what you need when you enjoy getting back to nature. When you choose the coffee kit for travel, it depends on your personal preferences and budget. However, some basic items should be included in a coffee travel kit. 

best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling

What’s included in a Coffee Travel Kit?

Coffee travel kits include some or all of the following:

  • A storage container
  • A hand grinder
  • Travel mugs
  • A travel kettle
  • A coffee thermos
  • A coffee maker
  • A carry case

You can make your own travel kit, but a purpose-made travel kit is a great option for those who are busy packing their bags. It includes everything you need to make coffee on the go and comes in a purpose-built case or bag— perfect for saving space.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

 When traveling with coffee, the most important thing is to keep your coffee beans or ground beans as fresh as possible. The airtight container can preserve your coffee beans very well. But if you want to avoid carrying airtight containers, try checking out the supermarket in a new location for locally roasted coffee. You are in a new city, so trying the local coffee is something exciting thing to do.

The Grinder

The freshest coffee is not everything to make a perfect cup of coffee. The freshest ingredients always make the best coffee, but there are many other variables when it comes to producing the best cup of coffee. When you ground the beans, they lose their flavor. So it is recommended to choose a coffee travel kit with a hand burr grinder.

Immersion Heater

When you are on the go, chances are you might not have a way to heat up water to make coffee. So don’t forget to include an immersion heater in your kit. 

The Mug

A good coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot for a longer time and has a sturdy design is all you need to enjoy your coffee while on travel. Always choose lightweight mugs stainless steel is the best option. But if it doesn’t have insulation, your finger will burn with heat, and you can’t hold it in your hands for a long time. Stainless mugs with handles will obviously solve this problem, but such mugs take up more space in the luggage.

Travel coffee thermos

An insulated travel coffee thermos is for the coffee-on-the-go type of people. The double-walled travel coffee tumbler is the best bet if you are also included in these people. YETI’s coffee tumbler is a great option which is engineered and built in a way that your coffee stays hot for a longer period.

Best ways to make coffee while traveling

Are you wondering about the best ways to make coffee on the go? Different coffee brewing methods can be used to brew coffee while traveling. Aeropress is the best option to make coffee if you find yourself in the wilderness or you are on the road. However, there are some popular options for the travelers, such as manual brewing techniques. 


Aeropress has gained popularity in the outdoor world. This is the best brewing method that lets you enjoy the most flavorful coffee. It uses pressure to force the flavor out of the coffee beans. It is light weighted, making it perfect for carrying in the bag, even in your backpack. Above all, it is easy to clean despite making coffee in a hassle-free way.

Aeropress Method

  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Take a filter paper and insert it into a plastic cap. Pour some hot water into it.
  • Now assemble the Aeropress. Put it to the scale and add coffee grounds
  • Add a boiling hot cup of water and give it a few minutes while stirring.
  • Flip it on top of a brewing vessel and gently press the plunger down.
  • Your coffee will be ready once you hear a hissing sound.
  • Unscrew the cap and puck out the coffee ground and filter paper out.
  • Ta-da, your coffee is ready. It will take less than 5 minutes to make coffee with Aeropress.

Moka Pot

Adventurers can use a Moka pot, a stovetop coffee maker, to make espresso-like coffee. Moka pot makes a full-bodied coffee that is rich in aroma. Making coffee with a Moka pot is really simple, but the right grind is not enough. It does take some practice. 

However, the coffee you make with a Moka pot doesn’t necessarily compare to espresso. Moka pot coffee and espresso are different in many ways. Both have different tastes and richness. This may not offer a similar taste, but it is still a perfect choice for travelers. 

Moka pot Method

  • Add some cold water to the base chamber of the Moka pot but don’t let it touch the valve.
  • Completely fill the filter basket with coffee. Don’t pack it down; 2.5 tbsp. of ground coffee is enough.
  • Now place your coffee maker on the stove and keep the heat low.
  • Remove the Moka pot from the heat when it starts bubbling out.
  • Pour into the cups and serve your coffee. 

The handpresso 

If you want a lightweight and portable coffee maker, handpresso is the best option. It functions similarly to a bicycle pump. You can make coffee using a hand press with hot water and ground coffee beans. Handpresso makes an intense and rich coffee that tastes similar to espresso. Anyone who wants to travel without missing his espresso, try it as the best on-go option for making coffee. However, it is for individual usage, and making coffee for a group of people can be tiring. 

Handpresso method:

  • Boil a cup of water in the kettle or a thermos flask.
  • Pump it up to pressure and add hot boiling water and ground coffee beans, attach the filter cap, and press the button to release its pressure.
  • Once you release the pressure, it forces the water through the coffee.
  • Enjoy your coffee and clean it.

Note: you can produce small shots using this coffee maker at a time. So you should be conscious about the water, the quality of ground coffee, and time. 

French Press

French press coffee maker gives you a better-tasting cup of coffee. You might find yourself brewing coffee differently using French Press. While you are on the go, it is the easiest way to make coffee with great aroma and flavor. It offers you a pure coffee extraction process. A mesh sieve is used to filter the coffee ground when the plunger is pressed. 

French Press method:

  • Grind 8 teaspoons of coffee beans in the portable grinder. You can grind the beans in two batches if your grinder is smaller. 
  • Once you coarsely grind the coffee beans, add them to the French Press.
  • The good ratio to mix is around 8 grams of ground coffee beans per 4 ounces of hot water in the French Press. However, it depends on whether you want to increase or decrease the strength of your coffee. To achieve your desired strength, you can decrease or increase the quantity of ground coffee beans in 1-gram increments.
  • Now fill your French Press hallway with water and heat it.
  • Now pour the hot water and stir gently after one to two minutes. Your coffee ground should be submerged. 
  • Reinsert the plunger into the pot and gently stir the mix of coffee grounds.
  • Let stand for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Now press the plunger down in a gentle motion.
  • Your coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

Pour over the cone coffee maker.

It is another easy and best way to make coffee on the road. With a pour-over cone coffee maker, you can control your brewing process. You can also control how much coffee grounds and water you want to add to your coffee, the time to make coffee, and the temperature of the water.

Pour over cone method

  • Place the filter paper inside the filter cone and place it above your jug or coffee mug
  • Now put the coffee grounds into the paper filter in your filter cone
  • Preheat the water and pour this hot water through the ground beans.
  • Ta-da, your coffee is ready to be poured.

Turkish pot

Turkish pot or Ibrik has been used for a long time to make rich and flavored coffee while traveling. Here’s how to make coffee on the go using a Turkish pot.

Turkish Pot Method

  • You need to use freshly ground coffee and cold filtered water. Warm or hot water is not used for this method of coffee making. 
  • Pour water, coffee, and sugar into the Turkish pot and stir them gently and slowly until mixed.
  • Now heat the coffee on medium-low heat, and stir it until it starts to boil. Don’t let it boil, and remove it from the stove.
  • Now pour the coffee into the cups. Try to pour it slowly to keep the bubbles in the cup.

Can you make instant coffee while traveling?

There are a lot of options to make coffee while on the go, but sometimes it is a bit difficult to brew coffee after a long hike. Instant coffee is the easiest way to make it after a tough day on the trail. You can easily find it anywhere, and it is packed with flavor and caffeine. The above options will indeed give you rich and strong coffee, but for anyone who wants to make coffee without any equipment, it is worth trying the option. 


We hope the above-mentioned best coffee brewing methods while traveling will make your adventure more enjoyable. No matter what option you choose to make coffee, you will enjoy the outdoors with a dose of caffeine. If you are looking for the best coffee beans to make a perfect cup of joe while traveling, go to Gothrider’s coffee shop. They only sell the best fair trade coffee beans to complement your outdoor adventures.

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