Coffee Soda: A Beverage for the Sophisticated

Coffee Soda: A Beverage for the Sophisticated
Coffee Soda

Our caffeine intake has evolved significantly over the years, where Starbucks and other coffee conglomerates had a considerable role in our daily coffee choices. One of such coffee variants becoming increasingly popular, especially in the US and Europe, is coffee soda.

As the heat of summers approaches, having hot coffee that burns your insides seems redundant; hence coffee soda makes for a perfect alternative. This article will explain how you can make coffee soda at home and provide some additional information to be well-informed while making a cup for yourself. Let’s dive straight into the details.

coffee soda

What is coffee soda?

As the name suggests, coffee soda is a mixture of a coffee brew and cold soda. It doesn’t technically make it a carbonated coffee drink, but it imitates the properties, giving a flavor-filled with joy and bubbles.

It is similar to Nitro coffee but has its unique characteristics, and you do not need to infuse the coffee with nitrogen bubbles. If you’re looking for a low-calorie drink that can make a hot afternoon much more bearable, coffee soda is ideal.

Of course, you can add tons of ice to your coffee glass to make it an iced coffee soda, which is an excellent treat to pair up with your evening bagel.

The History of Coffee Soda:

Many people speculate that coffee soda originated from Calabria, a town in Italy known for its spicy and rich cuisine. A company that bottled mineral water experimented on making a coffee drink with sparkling water that soon took over the audience’s hearts.

This unique drink became a sensation soon, and people started replicating the original recipe. Before we knew it, this coffee drink became an essential item on the menu of the most reputable coffee places. Today, you can enjoy a cup of coffee soda anywhere in the US or prepare it at home using the recipes we’ll provide in this article. Continue reading to learn more.

How to make coffee soda?

Now for the real question, how do you make coffee soda at home, so you’re not running towards the nearest Starbucks every time you get a craving for it? For our readers to fully understand the versatility coffee soda brings to the scene, we’ll discuss many recipes that are filling people’s lives with a caffeine-induced joy that refreshes you to your core.

how to make coffee soda

How to make iced coffee soda?

Let’s start with a simple one; the iced coffee soda. Here is a list of ingredients you’ll need for it:

·        Espresso or cold brew

·        Carbonated water/soda water

·        A sweetener like a maple syrup (optional)

·        Ice

Once you have all the ingredients, you can start making iced coffee soda. Here is a step by step list:

·        Add espresso or your choice of brew to a tall glass and fill it with ice,

·        Add the sweetener of your selection to the mix (optional)

·        Then add soda water to the glass and stir the mixture gently

·        If you want to spice things up a bit more, add steamed milk foam to the top of the beverage.

·        Voila, your iced coffee soda is ready.

Note: you can also use Moka pot coffee if you don’t have an espresso maker or the patience to go through the cold brewing process.

How to make Instant Iced Coffee Soda?

For the coffee lovers out there wondering if their batch of instant coffee can also do the trick, it can. You can use high-quality instant coffee to prepare a delicious iced coffee soda in simple, easy steps. Since instant coffee blends well with seltzer or sparkling water, the invention of this delightful concoction was written by the gods in the stars.

Here’s what you’ll need:

·        Seltzer or tonic water

·        Instant Coffee

·        Grapefruit juice

Here’s how to make it:

·        First, you need to prepare the grapefruit syrup. If you have it ready-made, you can skip step 2

·        Boil the grapefruit juice in an open container until it thickens and reaches syrup consistency. You’ll be left with about 1/8 of the original volume in most cases.

·        Then take a tall glass and pour seltzer water into it. You can use sparkling water, tonic water, and any carbonated water choice.

·        Add instant coffee to the glass and mix it until the water completely changes its color shade.

·        Remove the foam created by the mixing process with a spoon.

·        Add the prepared grapefruit syrup to the glass and stir the mix.

·        Add ice and garnish the drink with a grapefruit peel

·        Enjoy a delicious instant coffee soda

How to make orange coffee soda?

Often people inquire about the orange coffee soda and how to make it at home. We tell you that it’s effortless to prepare it by tweaking the above-given instant iced coffee soda process.

All you have to do is replace the grapefruit syrup with orange syrup. Since the syrup preparation process is practically the same in both cases, you’ll have no trouble making yourself an orange coffee soda.

Remember to garnish your orange coffee soda with an orange peel to build the aesthetics and aroma of your drink. You can try a syrup of your choice and experiment until you find the sweetener that suits your taste buds perfectly.

How to make Espresso Cream Soda?

Espresso soda is the primary offering of many coffee places in summer, as the refreshing taste of this bubbly beverage is fantastic to fight off the heat. And many coffee vendors take pride in preparing their espresso cream soda, and we are here to unveil those secrets to our readers.

Here’s what you’ll need:

·        Soda water

·        Ice

·        Vanilla Syrup

·        Espresso

·        Whipped Cream

Here’s how to make it:

·        Take a tall glass and half fill it with ice

·        Add soda water to the glass with one ounce of vanilla syrup and stir the mix.

·        Pull out two espresso shots using an espresso machine and place them on top of the mixture in the glass

·        Top the drink with whipped cream and more ice if needed.

·        Your espresso cream soda is ready!

Some Helpful Pointers:

While preparing a cup of coffee soda, there are some things you should keep in mind to achieve the ideal results. Don’t worry if your first attempt came out a bit underwhelming, as the next try would be miles better. Ensure that:

·        You use equal amounts of coffee and soda water to achieve the best flavor

·        The choice of sweetener is entirely optional, and you can even skip it if you want to enjoy the bitter, harsh taste

·        You can use ice straight from the freezer, but it is best to use clear ice that elevates the aesthetic of the drink, mainly if you’re serving it.

·        Topping the drink off with whipped cream can add a festive touch to this beverage. You can also add milk foam to resemble a traditional coffee drink.


Is there such a thing as coffee soda?

Many people ask baristas and coffee vendors if they can mix coffee and soda to make a drink. Yes, you can. Coffee soda is a widely popular beverage that blesses our summers with rejuvenating aromas and the familiar caffeinated kick with playful bubbles.

If you’ve never had this drink, you can head to the nearest coffee café and order one for yourself. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the many recipes in this article to brew up a delicious cup in simple and easy steps.

What is Italian coffee soda?

Italian coffee soda is a fan-favorite coffee drink originating from Calabria, Italy. If you roam over all the Italy in search of coffee soda, you’ll only find it in its birthplace and probably nowhere else. The common name for Italian coffee soda among the natives is Brasilena.

Brasilia was a creation of an Italian company that specialized in bottling mineral water for regular usage. This unique drink quickly took off in popularity, and many counterfeits tried to imitate the product by trying to recreate the recipe.

It is safe to say that none of the imitations are as good as the original thing. The original recipe of Brasilena is still a secret, even after decades of blessing Italian lives.

What is espresso coffee soda?

There are many ways to prepare your coffee soda, depending on what components you want or what flavors you think will blend well with sparkling water to fit your coffee choice better. You can make coffee soda with espresso shots; hence espresso coffee soda.

Of course, you’ll need an espresso machine to pull out espresso shots for your drink. Most people use two espresso shots for excellent taste, but you can only use one if it seems too bitter to you.

What does coffee soda taste like?

Coffee Soda is a carbonated drink that holds a rich yet refreshing taste. The traditional coffee taste stays prevalent but with an added nuance of bubbly texture that makes it reminiscent of those cold canned coffee drinks.

Since the calorie content is barely minimum, especially if you don’t use a sweetener, it makes for a perfect evening drink to enjoy the departing sun. Don’t worry if you’re concerned about people not liking the drink when you serve it. It has an incredibly welcoming taste that bodes well with the generic liking of the community.

Can you make coffee with sparkling water?

Yes. You can make a delicious cup of Frizzy cold brew coffee soda with sparkling water. You’ll still be able to notice the iconic coffee taste but with the fizziness of bubbly water, making it a fantastic combination.

If you want to prepare coffee with sparkling water at home, look at the above recipes for easy guidance. You can experiment with the process however you desire to achieve the perfect drink that suits your preferences. You can also replace sparkling water with tonic water or seltzer water.

Wondering what sparkling water is? It’s water infused with a limited amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2).

Is coffee carbonated?

No. coffee is not carbonated in its natural state, but you can carbonate it using seltzer water if you’re preparing coffee soda. Carbonating coffee is common among coffee vendors specializing in iced caffeinated drinks, ideal for the summer weather.


So there you have it, our full review of coffee soda and the majority of its variants that are increasingly popular in many parts of the world. We hope you can now prepare a luscious cup of coffee soda at home to enjoy the incoming summer season with your friends, family, or cat.

Remember to source your coffee ingredients from reliable vendors that ensure premium quality and exuberant taste—naturally, the better the elements, the better the final product’s flavor. Many people add coca-cola to the mix to substitute for sparkling water, but we’re not too sure about it. Regardless you can experiment to devise the perfect coffee soda drink for yourself. Good luck!

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