Dalgona Coffee – The Perfect at Home Recipe

Dalgona Coffee – The Perfect at Home Recipe
Dalgona Coffee

Whether you’re an average coffee drinker or a hardcore enthusiast with a knack to explore unique coffee beans recipes, Dalgona coffee is a foamy treat for everyone. Many coffee places now serve this delicacy, while you can also make it at home whenever desired.

To educate you all about Dalgona coffee and its origins, we’ve put together this extensive guide with helpful information and a recipe that will liven up your taste buds. If you want to learn all about this delicious concoction, keep reading.

What is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee is a dual-layered coffee drink that contains sugar, coffee, milk, and water. It had a frothy, whipped texture which is why people refer to it as “whipped coffee.” This iced coffee drink gained popularity quickly due to online trends and influencer videos where people tried to make their version. Remember that while you it, you’re supposed to mix the two layers with a spoon and then consume it.

Dalgona Coffee

Why is it called Dalgona Coffee?

You may be wondering how this beverage got its name, so here’s the story. Dalgona coffee comes from a South Korean treat named Dalgona, a fluffy coffee toffee with a bubbly texture. Since these items exhibited similar pockmarked patterns, people started referring to whipped coffee as Dalgona Coffee.

You can try the Dalgona coffee candy whenever you visit South Korea. Remember that people refer to this beverage by many other names, such as frothy coffee or fluffy coffee.

Where did Dalgona Coffee Come From?

Although the common belief suggests that it came from South Korea and it is true that the final catalyst to the increase in popularity came from the South Korean TikTok creators, there’s much more to Dalgona coffee origin. Many regions already had a version of this drink in their cuisine, previously hidden from the rest. We can say South Korea played a massive role in making dalgona coffee relevant for the whole world, but we can’t know it originated from there.

Some areas where Dalgona coffee existed for a long time before 2020 are:

·        South Asian Region: Indian style cappuccino

·        Greece: Frappe coffee

·        Macau: South Korean actor supposedly had a Dalgona coffee drink in Macau and mentioned it in an interview as something reminiscent of the Dalgona candy.

What does Dalgona Coffee Taste Like?

Many people who haven’t tried Dalgona coffee stay highly curious about the taste of this beverage, and seeing all the trends on media channels, this curiosity isn’t dying away. The best possible way to explain its taste is if you were eating a soft coffee ice cream, but it has melted enough that you could drink it. You can also compare it to the Starbuck Frappuccino but with less ice.

Of course, you can only identify the exact taste only when you try it yourself for the first time. It is safe to say that this coffee will blow your mind, and your taste buds will experience the joy of a lifetime.

Why is Dalgona Coffee so Popular?

Like many other regular-use items that became a global sensation overnight due to internet trends, it founds its footing in the new world through TikTok. Earlier in 2020, South Korean creators started making Dalgona coffee at home and put up videos and tutorials showcasing the beauty of this beverage. Millions of people swarmed to watch these videos, and soon it started seeping out from South Korea to the US.

American cuisine welcomed this fantastic drink with open arms, where reputable websites even came up with their recipes for Dalgona coffee. With exclusive media coverage and general interest by the public, Dalgona coffee reached heights of popularity in mid-2020.

It’s no surprise when a coffee drink bursts in popularity as it follows the footsteps of the original coffee plant and how it made its way around the world by defeating the odds.

How do You Drink Dalgona Coffee?

During our research for the hidden details about Dalgona coffee, a query caught our eye where an individual requested advice on how to drink Dalgona coffee. Are you supposed to drink the two layers separately, or do you scrape? Luckily there’s a better way.

Although it doesn’t make sense to an average person to mix the two layers and practically achieve the same as you did while preparing usual coffee, there is much more to it. The separate layers ensure the frothiness in the beverage giving it a unique texture that you cannot get from traditional brewing methods. Even when you stir your drink for more extended periods, the fluffiness won’t disappear, and each sip will be a joy-filled experience.

How to Make Dalgona Coffee At Home?

Now let’s dive into the delicious stuff. You can easily make the Dalgona coffee recipe at home and enjoy the famously unique texture to lighten your mood, even after a long hard week. You’ll need a visit to the grocery store first to get these ingredients:

·        Two tablespoons instant coffee

·        Two tablespoon sugar

·        Ice (as needed)

·        A cup of pasteurized milk/plant milk

Some Notable Precautions While Choosing Ingredients:

When choosing these ingredients, you need to be careful to get the right ones. For example, you cannot make Dalgona coffee with ground beans, no matter how much you try to grind them in a coffee grinder finely. It is best only to use instant coffee even though the coffee lover inside you will tell you to choose the other option. Trust us; it will be worth it. If you’re trying a find a Dalgona coffee recipe with ground coffee, you’ll be disappointed.

The best instant coffee for Dalgona isn’t notoriously bitter, so you don’t end up ruining your experience. You can use also make Dalgona coffee with espresso if needed. Additionally, you can skip the sugar if the instant coffee is doing the job well or your milk is already sweetened. If you feel like using a sugar substitute, keep in mind that you won’t be able to reach the same level of frothiness.

You can use non-diary milk if you can’t find cow milk, but in our experience, Dalgona coffee tastes best if the milk is dairy or nut sourced. You can also substitute cold milk with hot milk to make an alluring variation of Dalgona coffee, a beverage popular in many parts of the Indian region.

Dalgona Whipped Coffee Recipe:

While being super easy, it is super fun to make Dalgona coffee. Here’s a step by step process:

·        Take some hot water and combine it with instant coffee and sugar. Ensure that the water is boiling, so it mixes the other ingredients quickly. The best way to go about this step is by adding dry components first and then immediately adding water.

·        Whisk the mixture until it loses its dark color and becomes fluffy. You can use a hand mixer or an electric one where you’ll notice the results in one or five minutes, depending on the individual mixing approach. Remember to put your heart into whisking the coffee mixture, as the more effort you’ll make, the fluffier it’ll get.

·        Prepare your milk glass by filling it in half and adding ice if needed. If you prefer hot milk, skip the ice and continue.

·        Once you’ve turned the mixture into coffee cream, spoon it out with any utensil and place it on top of milk glass.

·        Stir the drink to mix the two-layer and serve with a straw. Voila, it’s ready!

Why did My Dalgona Coffee Recipe Didn’t Work?

If you practiced the above recipe at home and didn’t get the expected results, don’t worry; the problem isn’t with Dalogna coffee. You may be using incompatible ingredients or missing important stuff necessary to achieve the ideal taste. Let us give you some additional pointers, take a look:

·        Remember to always use instant coffee instead of ground coffee while making Dalogna coffee. Instant coffee is already roasted, ground, and brewed, resulting in a foam that ground coffee cannot deliver.

·        Hot water is key to the foam produced during the whisking process. The ideal description for the required type of water is freshly boiled off the stove.

·        Often people give up on whisking once their arms start to hurt a little after a couple of minutes. We advise that you use an electric mixer and continue whisking until the mixture gets thick. The faster and more vigorous the whisking process, the foamier your coffee will become.

How Do You Serve Dalgona Coffee?

Now let’s talk about serving this delicious delicacy to your friends and family. It is highly possible that the first time you do it to someone who has never had Dalogna coffee before, they are most likely be confused and curious at the same time. The best way to serve it is by stirring the two layers together to look like a usual coffee cup but frothy. You can also divide it into two servings by pouring half the milk into a separate cup and adding the coffee cream on top of it.

Of course, a straw would feel suitable if you don’t want to have a coffee mustache. Regardless, your friends and family will be singing your praises, especially if they’re having Dalogna coffee for the very first time.

Can I Store Dalogna Coffee?

Dalgona coffee has a surprisingly long endurance against natural factors and doesn’t go sour quickly. If you feel like you made more than you can consume in a day, you can store it in your refrigerator for three days. Remember to use an airtight container that doesn’t allow air components to react with the mixture inside. However, after three days, the mixture will start to turn liquid again and lose its fluffiness.

Fun fact: The more you whisk the coffee cream, the longer it lasts in your freezer.


Of course, there are many other Dalogna coffee recipes where people either added or removed a specific ingredient to make it appealing to their preferred taste. You can explore and experiment on your own to identify the perfect Dalogna coffee drink for you.

That’s a wrap. Our review of the Dalogna coffee has all the information you need to prepare a Dalogna coffee cup that gets etched in your mind as a memorable drink. Make sure to read through the given points thoroughly to be well-informed about the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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