Gaggia classic pro review – is it worth it?

Gaggia classic pro review – is it worth it?
Gaggia classic pro

Coffee lovers are always looking for a hotshot espresso maker with a five-star rating, durable design, and delivers the best espresso shots. One of such espresso makers, Gaggia Classic, found the light of popularity upon hitting the market as it had all the necessary elements of a fantastic espresso machine.

This article will discuss all there is to know about Gaggia Classic Pro, where we will also discuss some short history for interested readers. Please continue reading to learn more about our Gaggia Classic Pro review.

Gaggia classic pro
Gaggia classic pro

A Tad Bit History:

The Gaggia Classic was introduced initially in 1991 and soon became a standard everyday accessory in every home. Many people swarmed to get their hands on an espresso machine built to last forever. It had an incredibly robust design that was easy to maintain and repair.

Naturally, due to low maintenance and dependable operations, the Gaggia Classic ruled the market with an iron fist for decades. When Gaggia Classic was discontinued, there was a collective sigh by the community in the memory of a fallen soldier.

However, soon after, the Gaggia Classic was redesigned as the production moved to Romania from Italy. This redesign was an embarrassment for the company and a significant downgrade on the original design. People were furious, and Philipps received public backlash for multiple years.

Now, the original classic model is back with a complete facelift. They renamed it to Gaggia Classic Pro and ensured that it’s better than the original. In most cases, the newer version does a pretty good job at delivering the once-popular espresso shots. However, there are still some necessary details you should be aware of before buying the appliance. We’ll look at them in detail below.

Gaggia Classic Pro Review — the Facelift:

To fully understand the Gaggia Classic Pro, we will discuss each factor separately for a more transparent overview. Take a look:

Design Differences:

The iconic classic design of Gaggia Classic Pro sits royally on your kitchen counter, and it’s hard to miss the complete stainless steel construction for a person visiting your home. The elders in your family may even own the Gaggia Classic not too long ago, as the Italian companies have been making espresso machines since 1977.

Gaggia classic pro review

With stainless steel infused into a squared design, it has a timeless outlook that stays relevant even in this modern age. For size reference, imagine a pod machine but slightly bigger and bulkier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in grinder, and you have to buy it separately. If you include it in the package, the price can go sky high while also taking more space on the counter. To avoid space issues, ensure that you allocate twice the space for Gaggia Classic Pro about its size.

A notable flaw in the design is the sharp edges of the stainless steel covering the appliance. You’ll have to be extra careful not to peel off your skin while operating the device, especially while placing the filter inside the brew head. You’ll learn to stay cautious while working the device (after a couple of tetanus shots).


This machine does not have many complex and over-the-line features as it carries the most straightforward, robust design that lasts through decades. The appliance isn’t modular and contains only a few components that amalgamate into each other perfectly for a compact box. The absence of complexity is a blessing for repair service providers and consumers, as the appliance would never take more than a few hours to fix if it malfunctions.

Gaggia classic pro

Gaggia Classic Pro operates on 1450watts of AC power and can achieve 15 bars of pressure (respectable numbers in the competitive market). You can use the three-way solenoid valve to prevent pressure build-up inside the appliance. If you’re not using the three-way solenoid valve, you may be putting yourself at risk of getting burned by a spray of hot espresso grounds. Typically, a small amount of water running through the purge valve after making an espresso shot is a common indication that the valve is working correctly.

Some standout features of Gaggia Classic Pro include:

·       Standard warming plate

·       Full-sized portafilter 58mm

·       Pressured and unpressurized baskets

·       Stainless steel tray

·       Detachable reservoir to collect spilled grounds

An excellent way to describe Gaggia Classic Pro is that it contains everything you need, and it doesn’t have anything that you won’t need. It sounds like a perfect deal.

How to use Gaggia Classic Pro?

Luckily Gaggia Classic pro is easy to operate and comes almost ready for usage. We will list down the steps for you, so your next espresso shot is effortless to make. Take a look:

·       Clean out the water reservoir in the base of the appliance with a cleaning agent

·       Turn the device on and place the portafilter in the designated place to warm it up

·       Next, identify the basket you’ll use for your coffee beans. You can choose between a pressured one and an unpressurized one. If you choose the former, ensure that you use the small plastic riser piece for excellent safety.

·       Next, place the ground coffee in the basket (ensure a fine grind)

·       Distribute the ground coffee evenly throughout the pressurized basket.

·       Wait for about half a minute to complete the required brew time (the brew time varies according to the type of coffee ground you’re using)

·       Then lock the portafilter inside the brew head and wait for the light to turn on.

·       Once it is ready, you’ll get two even streams of pure luxury in your coffee cup.

Experimentation is key here:

The more you’ll experiment with the various types of coffee grounds and timings, the more likely you will become well-rehearsed in making a memorable cup of coffee. You can have a quick chat with the professional barista and explore the world of coffee like never before.

How to Steam Milk Gaggia Classic Pro?

How to Steam Milk Gaggia Classic Pro?

Since the Gaggia Classic pro is a single boiler espresso device, it uses the same water to steaming milk for brewing the espresso. You can easily brew your coffee at about 90 degrees Celsius, but this temperature is not enough to steam milk.

So what’s the solution? You can steam the milk first using the required temperature and then let the water cool for a while until it reaches the brewing numbers. You can push the brew button as it releases steam to fasten the cooling process. Please consider that you’ll have to do this routine with every cup you make, so it is best to be prepared.

Since the Gaggia Classic pro now features a redesigned milk wand, it gives you more control to switch between different styles such as Cappuccino and Latte.

Pros and Cons:

Like common appliances, Gaggia Classic Pro also has a good and a bad side. Here are the pros and cons:


·       Reliability through the roof

·       Compact, efficient design made for simplicity

·       No unnecessary components

·       Low Price

·       Commercial grade excellence

·       High-quality stainless steel

·       Easy operation and repairing


·       Sharp steel edges can cut your fingers easily while operating the device

·       The device comes with an undersized clamp that feels cheaper than the rest of the appliance

·       The steam wand doesn’t have a gimballed design like many modern espresso makers

·       Outdated design

·       No auto-cleaning functionality

Where to Buy Gaggia Classic Pro:

Gaggia Classic Pro is a popular community appliance that stays in high demand, especially during the holiday season. Luckily many local vendors are selling this excellent device, and you can find it in their inventory on a routine visit to the supermarket. If you don’t feel like leaving your home, you can always get it delivered straight to your home using a reputable service such as Amazon.

Do you want to order Gaggia Classic Pro right now? Here’s an Amazon purchase link.

How long does the Gaggia Classic Pro last?

The original design of the Gaggia espresso machine was a great hit among the community as it offered a 30-year guarantee if appropriately used. We have the same expectation for the facelift model, and since they went back to their old roots, it is safe to say that we won’ be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a dependable espresso machine that doesn’t have the flashiest features but does the job well, Gaggia Classic Pro is the ideal choice for homes and offices.

How to Clean Gaggia Classic Pro?

Of course, proper maintenance and cleaning go a long way when adding to the life of an electrical appliance. So how do you take care of your Gaggia Classic Pro? Take a look:

·       Separate the removable components on the appliance

·       Use soapy water to rinse the boiler

·       Ensure that the water doesn’t reach the solenoid valve as it might get blocked

·       Repeat the cleaning process once or twice a year depending on the water hardness

How to Clean Gaggia Classic Pro

Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t come with an auto-clean button like most modern espresso machines, making it a nuisance to clean. If you want a coffee appliance that doesn’t take much of your time and effort cleaning its components, it is best to look for other options such as Sage or Breville.

How does the Gaggia Classic Pro Compare with Industry-Leading Options?

Gaggia Classic Pro is a valid competitor for the coffee giants in the market like Safe and Breville. Even though the later options may cost a little more, the Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t come with a built-in grinder, and you need to purchase it separately. Once you buy it, the price becomes almost the same.

Unlike other brands, Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t have an array of useless buttons at the front that is barely ever used in normal circumstances. Of course, it’s good to have options, but what’s the point if there’s no legitimate applicability?

An important point to note is that you cannot replace a built-in grinder with an upgraded one that goes straight where the old one was placed. You can buy a separate grinder that will function normally, but you’ll be staring at an empty void every morning left by the built-in grinder. All in all, Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t include a grinder, and separately buying it is always a good choice.


After reading this article, you’re now well aware of the facelift accompanying the newest Gaggia Classic Pro, and now you can make an informed choice. Remember to go through all the points and specifications thoroughly, so your transition to Gaggia is seamless. It is safe to say that you’ll enjoy your new investment for a long time, as this premium device offers decades of longevity.

Regardless, the purchase decision mainly depends on how much you like coffee and espresso shots. Gaggia Classic Pro is a worthwhile investment if you’re a coffee lover like us. While purchasing, ensure that you’re not buying a counterfeit and source your appliance from a credible vendor. Good luck!

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