Greek Frappe: A Foamy Excellence through Decades

Greek Frappe: A Foamy Excellence through Decades
Greek Frappe

There is a vast array of coffee drinks globally available to suit specific cuisines, cultures, or weather. From the newest trend of Dalgona coffee on TikTok to the iconic iced caramel macchiato, you have tons of options to explore, enjoy and fulfill your caffeine desires. One of such coffee drinks famous for its refreshing taste is Greek coffee frappe.

This article will discuss all there is to know about Greek coffee frappe and how to make it at home so you’re not paying hefty bucks at a coffee place. We will also shed some light on the history of this foamy beverage (hint: it’s all genius of one man). Continue reading to learn more.

Greek frappe

What is Greek coffee frappe?

A Greek coffee frappe has many names like frappe coffee, Greek frappe, Nescafe frappe, or just frappe. It is an iced coffee beverage that contains ample amounts of sugar, milk, water, and instant coffee. Since it’s an iced coffee drink, it makes for a perfect companion on a hot sunny day when even the thought of hot coffee melts your insides.

In many parts of the world, Greek coffee frappe doesn’t have any milk content. Regardless the intoxicating aroma and the mind-blowing flavor remain constant. These characteristics have helped this delicious concoction spread across the globe, and now you can find it almost everywhere in the US.

Frappe coffee history:

The Greek frappe was considered the hallmark drink for the Greek culture healing from years of war. People started having this foamy concoction in bars and cafes, sharing their stories or having a friendly chat. Many considered the Greek frappe as the symbol of promoting outdoor culture after the horrible events of the war. All in all, the Greek frappe became a big deal. But where did it come from, and how did it become such a sensation?

The origin of the Greek frappe is an exciting tale where a Nescafe employee, Dimitrios Vakondios, came up with the idea by accident at the annual Thessaloniki International Fair. The fair took place at a convention center in Greece, where Dimitrios served as a Nescafe representative.

During the break, Dimitrios craved the Nescafe classic but couldn’t find any hot water. So to be creative, he added cold water to instant coffee and started shaking it in a Nesquik shaker. The shaker is only meant for the Nestle cocoa drink, but it worked perfectly to deliver a foamy drink that will soon become a significant part of Greece’s history.

Dalgona coffee vs. Greek frappe:

Dalgona coffee and Greek frappe need the same ingredients for the preparation process, and many of their characteristics are similar too. However, they both originate from different parts of the world and have other backstories. It is an unfair argument to decide who copied who, so we will only discuss the differences and the similarities so you can identify both drinks in a jiff.

The main similarity lies in using similar ingredients in the preparation of both drinks (although varying in quantity). However, the only difference is you can make Greek frappe without milk or sugar. For Dalgona coffee, the sugar and the milk are very much necessary.

If you’re rating one over the other, it will mainly depend on your personal choice, and you wouldn’t know unless you have both of them. You might even love both.

How to make Greek coffee frappe?

It is a relief when a delicious beverage is surprisingly easy to make and serve to your friends. You can prepare a delicious cup of Greek coffee frappe in under three minutes using minimal ingredients, so you’re never waiting to calm your soul reaching home after a day in the scorching sun.

You’ll need a standard mixer or shaker that can mix the ingredients while creating the desired amount of foam. Electric shakers generate creamier froth than other options, so it is best to opt for them to achieve the ideal results.

Then all you have to do is add instant coffee to the mixer, sugar, and some cold water. Please turn on the mixer or shake it manually for a couple of seconds and pour the mixture out in a tall glass. Add the desired amount of milk if needed. And voila! Your drink is ready.

How to make Greek iced coffee frappe?

The only difference between Greek iced coffee frappe and Greek frappe is the addition of ice in the former’s recipe. You can add ice cubes at the end of the preparation process right before serving it. Ensure that you choose a tall glass or leave enough room for at least three ice cubes, so the drink’s not spilling out everywhere.

Greek coffee frappe recipe:

Were you looking for a leisurely Greek coffee frappe recipe to follow at home? We got you covered.

The ingredients you’ll need:

·        Two tablespoons of instant coffee

·        Sugar (per taste)

·        Milk (per taste)

·        Clear ice cubes

·        A glass of cold water

·        A traditional mixer or shaker

Here’s the step-by-step process:

·        First, pour the instant coffee inside the mixer and add sugar.

·        Then add cold water to cover the entire surface area of the coffee/sugar mix.

·        Let the mixture shake for a few seconds until a thick foam forms

·        Pour the mixture into a tall glass and add powdered milk

·        Then add ice cubes and stir it all together.

·        Fill up the rest of the glass with water and enjoy!

Note: The number of ingredients used will vary according to your personal preference, so it is up to you to decide what works best for you. You can use the Nescafe frappe powder and the Nescafe frappe latte machine to achieve the ideal results.

Greek Frappe

The Many Local Names for Greek Frappe:

Greek coffee frappe has many names depending on the number of ingredients you use while preparing a cup of coffee. The classification can also help you remember the ingredient percentage, so you’re not turning to the cookbook every time you prepare coffee for yourself or your family.

Sketos: It contains no milk or sugar and is perfect for people who like a plain cup of coffee

Metrios: It contains medium sweetness, and most people put about one or two tablespoons of sugar in it

Glykos: It is a sweet and savory cup of coffee, with almost double the amount of sugar as Metrios

Me gala: It is a milk coffee that’s perfect for people whole love milk coffee brews.

How do you make a frappe with a milk frother?

You can achieve the same frothiness with a milk frother if you don’t have a traditional mixer or an electric Whizzer. Pour the coffee, sugar, and water into a glass and use a handheld milk frother to mix them. Ensure that you’re using a tall glass, so the mixture doesn’t splash out during the frothing process.

The average time for a milk frother to ideally whip the mixture is about 15 seconds. After that, you’ll notice the foam reaching the top of the glass.

How to make Greek frappe without instant coffee?

Unfortunately, there is no way of making a Greek frappe without instant coffee. The unique frothiness of this delicious beverage results from how instant coffee behaves when prepared in a highly concentrated solution. You cannot achieve the same results with ground coffee or freshly brewed coffee.

Of course, you can experiment as you like and add ground coffee to the cold water mix to test the results. But you wouldn’t be a having a Greek frappe; it’d be something entirely different.

Greek Frappe


Who invented Greek coffee?

Greek coffee is an invention of a Nescafe employee attending a fair in Greece. To fix his caffeine craving during the break, he mixed cold water with instant coffee in a cocoa drink mixer to create a refreshing beverage. Little did he know that he was giving birth to a delicious concoction that would later be known as the Greek coffee frappe.

What does frappe stand for?

The word frappe loosely translates to “iced drink” and is part of the French language, and it got associated with coffee drinks with ice or any frozen component. Many people confuse a frappe with a milkshake, but there are differences between the two.

Is frappe a Greek coffee?

Yes. Frappe is a Greek iced coffee with a lovely frothy texture that you can enjoy throughout the day. It is a staple of the Greek culture and is often considered the most sought-out drink in Greece for decades.

How is Greek coffee made?

Greek coffee is made using instant coffee, sugar, milk, and cold water. We have an easy recipe mentioned above in this article to prepare at home. Since it’s incredibly convenient to make, you won’t be waiting for a whole day for the coffee beans to be ready, e.g., Moka pota coffee.

Is Dalgona coffee Greek frappe?

No. Dalgona coffee came from South Korea and became famous through TikTok trends earlier last year. On the other hand, the Greek frappe has been around since 1957 as part of the rich Greek culture.

What’s the difference between iced coffee and a frappe?

Iced coffee and frappe are practically two names for cold coffee drinks, but the terminology is still valid due to their different origins. Depending on the location, people used distinct types of coffee beans or varying amounts of sugar and milk to achieve the desired taste.

What is the difference between frappe and Frappuccino?

Frappe is a traditional Greek drink with a unique frothy texture and sometimes whipped cream topping. On the other hand, Frappuccino is a cold cappuccino drink that often comes mixed with milkshakes and sweetening flavors.

Is Greek coffee stronger than American coffee?

Typically, no. Greek coffee has minimal caffeine content, making it a compatible beverage for you to enjoy throughout the day. American coffee has more significant caffeine content, making it more potent than Greek coffee.

Is Greek coffee the healthiest?

It is impractical to slate a type of coffee as the healthiest option out there, but the Greek coffee preparation process takes good care of the health aspects related to caffeine. Additionally, there is less caffeine content in Greek frappe than in other variants, making it a relatively healthier choice.

How much caffeine is in a Greek frappe?

A typical cup of Greek frappe contains about 40mg of caffeine. In contrast, a regular cup of coffee has about 95mg of caffeine.

Can you make a Greek frappe with ground coffee?

No. You cannot make Greek frappe with ground coffee because you cannot achieve frothiness with the latter option. Instant coffee, when shaken, releases tons of foam, giving the Greek frappe its iconic texture that’s been enjoyed for decades.


Here we conclude this detailed read about the Greek coffee frappe and its characteristics that have made it an icon in Greek history. We hope you are now well-informed to make your cup at home and enjoy it with family, friends, or solitude. Read through the many points mentioned carefully and source your coffee ingredients from reliable vendors that offer quality products. Cheers!

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