How to make iced latte with aeropress

How to make iced latte with aeropress
how to make ice latte with aeropress

Summer is almost here, which means ditch the usual hot cup of coffee to taste the colder sip of coffee. Cold beverages made with coffee help you stay caffeinated and refreshed on the warmer days. If you want to satisfy your coffee cravings while ditching your hot cup of coffee, then nothing compares to the iced latte. This iced coffee drink is a blend of a single shot of espresso and cold milk and then topped with ice. With the subtle taste of espresso, an iced latte is a perfect drink for a caffeine kick during warmer days.

Do you want to sip on this refreshing drink but don’t have a fancy espresso machine? Fret not, because you can still make it with the help of Aeropress. If iced latte is your thing, you have come to the right page. This guide will teach you how to make Aeropress iced latte without leaving your home. Let’s get into it!

What is an iced latte?

The iced latte is a delicious coffee drink made up of cold milk, single or double shots of espresso, and ice. This drink is best enjoyed on hot summer days. Strong and rich espresso is used to make this coffee drink. Traditionally, the espresso machine is used to make espresso. However, you can make an iced latte using Aeropress if you don’t have an espresso machine.  

Espresso coffee has a richer flavor than regular coffee and gives a flavorful taste to the iced latte. This refreshingly cool beverage not only beats the summer heat but tastes good. You can enjoy this drink any time of the day, especially when the usual warmth doesn’t satisfy your taste buds.

How to make iced latte with aeropress
how to make iced latte with aeropress

What is Aeropress?

The Aeropress is a manual coffee maker that brews coffee using pressure. It is a great alternative to espresso machines, French press, and drip coffee makers. It is a handheld espresso machine that can whip up lots of lattes. This innovative coffee maker features two cylinders that create a vacuum to brew coffee. It uses air pressure to force coffee ground through the paper filter. The speed of Aeropress sets it apart from other manual coffee brewers. Aeropress takes less time to brew coffee, and the resulting concentrated coffee has a strong taste and less acidity. 

This portable coffee maker is the best tool for brewing regular coffee, but its unique design allows it to make a concentrated espresso-like drink. Concentrated coffee is used in iced latte rather than espresso to get similar results. 

Concentrated coffee is similar to espresso, but it lacks some richness that machine-based espresso offers you. But it is safe to say that Aeropress-based concentrated coffee is the best alternative to espresso without spending big bucks on a fancy espresso machine. AeroPress iced latte has a similar taste as a regular iced latte from a café. So if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to specialty coffee drinks, nothing is better than Aeropress.

Espresso vs. Aeropress concentrated espresso-like coffee 

Espresso that you make in an espresso machine uses the finely grounded coffee and then pressurized with a short brewing time. Traditional espresso has the foamy cream layer, which is commonly called crema. When you brew coffee under high pressure, then it generates crema. 

You can make the concentrated espresso-like coffee in Aeropress by using the fine grinds and keeping its brewing time short. The Aeropress makes better espresso as compared to other manual coffee makers out there.

The Aeropress makes a delicious coffee that satisfies most of the properties of a traditional espresso brew. However, one of the missing properties of Aeropress espresso is the crema that rests on the top of traditional espresso. This manual coffee maker doesn’t brew coffee with the same pressure as an espresso machine which is the key reason why it doesn’t create crema. However, you can make crema with the Aeropress.

ice latte with aeropress

How to Make Crema with the Aeropress

You can create crema with the Aeropress when you use the correct techniques. Here’s how to make crema with the Aeropress.

Right Coffee beans create crema:

When you want to create crema, choose the coffee beans capable of creating that aromatic froth. It is recommended to use good quality roasted coffee beans because they are known to create good crema. 

Use coffee grounds:

Grind the espresso roast. Fine and fresher grinds are recommended to create crema. When you use fine grinds, it limits the water passing through the coffee grounds too quickly, which affects the extraction time and brewing efficiency.

The correct amount of coffee and filtering:

To make crema, you need to use the correct amount of coffee and correct filtering. It will help you apply high pressure to the grounds and allow the waterless quickly to pass through it. Always use a filter that does not allow too much water to pass through coffee grounds, such as paper and metal filters. It is better to use more coffee grounds in the Aeropress because water will pass through slowly when you add an extra amount of coffee. 

Brewing pressure:

Brewing pressing is something that plays a crucial role in making crema, and it might be a bit tricky. When you add the correct amount of coffee and set the right filter, it will allow you to put a good amount of pressure on Aeropress. However, it may not be humanly possible to create enough pressure that is needed for creating crema. So get creative and try to create 130psi/9 bars of pressure to get desired results.

How to make an iced latte with Aeropress

AeroPress iced lattes are one of the simpler iced coffee recipes. The Aeropress iced latte recipe is simple, and you can easily make it at home. The key difference between an iced latte and a standard latte is that we use cold milk instead of steaming it, and the rest of the process is the same as a regular latte or Aeropress latte. Its taste is very similar to standard iced lattes that you enjoy at a café. 

The best thing about this milk-based coffee drink is that it is simpler to make compared to other similar beverages that you make with dairy milk. 

how to make ice latte with aeropress
how to make iced latte with aeropress


· Hot Water

· Ice

· Milk of choice (whole, almond, soy, etc.)

· Freshly roasted coffee beans (17g)

· Sugar


  • AeroPress (with paper filters)
  • Mason jar
  • Coffee grinder
  • Large glass
  • Kettle
  • cocktail shaker

Step to make an iced latte with Aeropress

1- Grind coffee beans 

Start with boiling water in an electric kettle. While you are boiling water, start grinding your coffee beans. Pour around 17g of freshly roasted beans into the grinder and grind them to a medium-fine level.

2- Prepare espresso or concentrated coffee with Aeropress

After setting up the Aeropress, pour some hot water onto the coffee grounds. After 30 seconds, pour the rest of the water onto the grounds and make sure to wet them evenly. Now let the grounds steep for up to three minutes. You can steep the coffee for one minute if you don’t like the strong flavor. Let your coffee steep longer for a full-flavored iced latte. After waiting for one to three minutes, press it down and send your coffee into the cup.

3- Make an iced latte

After brewing concentrated coffee, it’s time to make your iced latte. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice and add espresso-like coffee to your cocktail shaker. Now add 16 oz. of cold milk with sugar to the cocktail shaker. Shake it for 30 seconds. The more you shake, the foamy your iced latte will be. Keep in mind that add sugar before adding the milk and allow it to dissolve.

4-Pour over ice 

Now put ice cubes and milk into your tall serving glass. Now gently pour coffee over it and enjoy your Aeropress iced latte.


Is an AeroPress Latte Really a Latte?

When you are going to make a latte with Aeropress, this question may come to your mind. You need one or two shots of espresso to make a latte. By combining steamed milk and espresso shots, you can make a latte as your barista makes it. Cold milk is used instead of steamed milk to make an iced latte. However, authentic espresso is made from an espresso machine, and hot water and high pressure are used to pull an espresso shot.

The Aeropress makes concentrated coffee that is espresso-like coffee but not espresso. That means a latte made with concentrated coffee won’t be like your latte made with espresso. But it will still offer plenty of coffee flavor and rich taste. 

ice latte with aeropress
how to make iced latte with aeropress

What kind of milk should you use to make an iced latte?

To make an iced latte, you can use milk of your choice. For instance, you can use whole milk, skim cow’s milk, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, or any kind of milk you like. It is not recommended to use half-and-half and heavy cream to make a latte. Heavy cream and half-and-half have a high-fat content that doesn’t make them a good option for making an iced latte. You can even use flavored milk for this iced coffee recipe. There are a lot of milk varieties that are sweetened, e.g. vanilla almond milk, chocolate milk, and more.

Do you froth milk for an iced latte?

A regular latte is a hot coffee drink, and steamed milk is poured into a coffee cup with a shot or double shot of espresso. It is served with pretty latte art that is made with steamed or frothy milk. But to make an iced latte, cold milk is used.

So there is no need to froth milk to make this iced coffee drink. If you use hot milk to make an iced latte, then it will melt your ice. That’s why cold milk is used for an iced latte. Iced lattes are made much faster than regular lattes because you don’t need to froth milk.

What to serve with an iced latte?

Coffee drinks are usually served with muffins, loaf cakes, coffee cakes, chocolate cookies, and blueberry muffins. You can make all these sweet treats at home.

Bottom Line:

As it turns out, you don’t have to own a fancy espresso machine to make this indulgent coffee drink at home. If you have an Aeropress, you easily make an iced latte at home without spending a fortune on an espresso machine. The key is to use medium-dark roast beans, ground finely, and brewed quickly. Only Aeropress can make concentrated coffee that can be used instead of espresso.

We hope this simple guide has helped you learn how to make an iced latte with Aeropress. It is easy to make by following the simple four steps indicated earlier. To enjoy a delicious and thoroughly satisfying iced latte, make sure you use high-quality espresso beans. Have you ever tried this summer coffee drink at home? If yes, share your experience with us in the comments box!

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