Iced Coffee Recipe – Cool & Refreshing

Iced Coffee Recipe – Cool & Refreshing
Iced coffee recipe

As the heatwaves of summer approach and we bid farewell to the cold weather, your regular cup of hot coffee may not be the ideal morning beverage anymore. You would want a refreshing cold concoction that cools down your body and help fight the summer heat. Enter iced coffee.

This article will explain all there is to know about iced coffee and how to make cold coffee drink at home. If you want to stay caffeinated this summer, keep reading to learn more.

What is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee recipe

Iced coffee is one of the most straightforward coffee variants that does justice to its name. It simply consists of ice and brewed coffee. Many people confuse iced coffee with cold brew, but they have their differences.

When making iced coffee, the coffee part of the drink is prepared like you usually would in hot water. Contrarily, cold brew requires you to brew your coffee in cold water. Although both drinks have unique characteristics that are suitable for certain occasions, you might get a cold brew if you order a simple iced coffee at a café.

Are There Any Types of Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is a generic term for coffee with ice or a cooling aftereffect. To help you better understand all the variations of iced coffee recipes, we are listing them out down below:

Cold Brew Coffee:

You can find a classic cold brew coffee at almost any café globally, where the taste may vary slightly, but the preparation process is similar everywhere. Coffee vendors often use coarse ground coffee to prepare this treat by steeping it in room-temperature water for 12 to 24 hours.

Iced coffee recipe

The mixture is then strained into another container and put out to chill. Due to prolonged immersion in water, this coffee brew has a mild taste and low acidic elements. You can drink it straight out of the cup or add cream to it for a savory flavor.

Hot Brew Coffee:

Hot brew, commonly known as the Japanese-styled ice coffee, is a unique cold coffee drink brewed hot over ice. This clever method adds a unique taste to your coffee cup while keeping the acidic nature of the coffee beans intact, so the nuances are similar to hot coffee.

You can achieve a hot brew easily using many coffee-making tools (including a regular coffee brewing machine). Many people opt for a drip brewer by a reputable brand to ensure that the hot brew is always fantastic. In traditional coffee machines, you can place ice in the bottom container and let the coffee drip down on top of it. After some time, the ice will melt and continue to cool down the dripping hot coffee. In the end, you’ll be left with a cup of hot brew to refresh your soul.

Remember to use a thick cup that doesn’t crack easily under sudden temperature changes to avoid accidents.


Have you ever wondered what those shiny glass ornaments displayed proudly in most coffee shops mean? They are tools for brewing Kyoto, a type of iced coffee similar to cold brew. Since the devices are gigantic and there’s a slight distinction in the final product’s aroma, Kyoto is considered a separate category.

The way it works is that the top container is responsible for holding water and dripping it down into the container below. The second container has coffee grounds in it that, when mixed with water, seep down into your cup. Each drop of water that falls through the top container gives you one drop of coffee. As slow as it sounds, the final product is well worth it. With modern Kyoto brewers, you can adjust the dripping speed to match your patience level, so you don’t end up swinging the device out the window.

The primary appeal of Kyoto brewers comes from their aesthetic appeal, and most coffee vendors would rather have a classy brewer than a regular square-shaped iced coffee machine.

New Orleans Cold Brew Coffee:

New Orleans Cold Coffee Brew is one for coffee lovers who are never tired of exploring this berry’s potential. This iced coffee is becoming widely popular, especially in the US, where cafes now offer their brandings. Making it is somewhat overwhelming as the coffee is steeped in a massive pot for about 20 hours. Once it’s ready, you pour it out through a sieve and let it cool. Then you can serve it with water, sugar, and milk.

So what makes New Orleans cold brew unique? Well, it’s the addition of a flowering plant called chicory to the mix. Chicory gives a slightly nutty flavor to the coffee taste that becomes a familiar feeling every time you have this coffee. You can find powdered chicory from an online vendor if you want to prepare a cup of New Orleans cold brew at home.

Iced Espresso Drinks:

Many coffee drinkers and baristas generally dislike pouring espresso over ice as it makes the coffee taste notoriously bitter and adds a metallic flavor to it. However, still, there are many iced espresso drinks you can try. Here are a few options:

·        Iced Latte:

When it comes to iced latte, vendors experiment with the brew as much as possible, and it’s challenging to find a consistent brew type even in a small town. Some people prefer cold milk, while others pour the latte directly over ice cubes. Many others also add sweetening elements or cream to the mix to liven up the taste. You’ll find out what type of iced latte you’re going to get once you’ve sat down and ordered in a café.

The preparation process for an iced latte is pretty simple as it includes one or two espresso shots, the preferred amount of steamed milk, and a foamy layer for the kid inside you. It is best to start with one espresso shot and see where it goes.

·        Iced Mocha:

Iced Mocha is a popular community beverage that has seeped into the menu of many cafes in the US due to high demand. And who wouldn’t want a blend of an espresso shot, chocolate, and foam? It’s perfect. The chocolate can be in any form, such as syrup, sauce, powder, or even chunks of melted and refined cocoa.

You can add whipped cream to the top of your iced mocha cup for a refreshing yet joyful taste that stays with you throughout the day.

·        Shakerato:

Shakerato comes from Italian cuisine and belongs to the category of iced espresso drinks frowned upon by many baristas. Vendors make Shakerato by using a cocktail mixer to combine espresso, sugar, and ice. Many people also use a blender instead of a mixer, but it depends on the available tools.

If you want your coffee sweet, you can add a bit of syrup to the Shakerato mix or add liquor.

·        Starbuck Frappuccino:

Starbuck has the copyrights to the Frappuccino name, and they sell it in all their branches. Frappuccino is a type of blended coffee with tons of sugar added to the mix to suit the taste of the general audience. Although this drink might not be the healthiest option, it is fun. Of course, it’s Starbucks, so it comes with tons of customization where you can add strawberry fruit juice or protein powder to your coffee drink to make it extra flavorful.

Australian Iced Coffee:

Although Australians haven’t been very successful in exporting their taste in coffee drinks to the rest of the world, one drink stands out from the rest. The Australian iced coffee is a blend of espresso and vanilla ice cream topped with milk and whipped cream. Adding whipped cream goes against Australian traditions but straying away from it makes for an excellent iced coffee drink, so nobody’s complaining.

The texture of Australian iced coffee is almost the same as a milkshake. If you don’t like adding vanilla, use chocolate to liven up the taste.

Canned Cold Brew coffee:

If you’re the laziest person in the world who doesn’t want to make any effort in making a cup of iced coffee for yourself, we have an option for you. Head over to the nearest grocery store and buy a can of cold brew coffee that you can store in your fridge. Of course, you can bulk buy them but keep an eye on the expiry dates as canned ice coffee doesn’t last for too long.

Of course, these cans can also be your safety net for when you run out of ingredients or are too tired to brew a coffee cup for yourself.

Dalgona Coffee:

Dalgona Coffee became popular through TikTok in early 2020 and has become a sensation, with many cafes offering their versions. Since you require instant coffee beans to prepare a cup of Dalgona, it is an easy drink to make at home. Just add sugar to iced milk and spread the coffee foam on top. Then mix it and enjoy.

Fun fact: Dalgona’s name comes from the smooth taste of a Japanese candy named Dalgona.

Easy Iced Coffee Recipe to Make At Home:

As likable iced coffee is to the general community, it is a blessing that it is effortless to make. If you’re looking for the best iced coffee recipe, here is a list of step-by-step instructions.

How to make a cold coffee drink at home:

·        First, make your regular cup of coffee like you usually do and let it out to cool down. You can also place the container in the fridge to make the process quicker.

·        Take a large glass (preferably thicker) and fill it with ice.

·        Pour the chilled coffee into the glass.

·        Add the preferred amount of milk and cream to the mixture

·        Your Iced coffee is ready

If you want your iced coffee to taste unique or tailored to your desires, you can add sugar, syrup, or extracts to liven up the drink’s aroma.


So there you have it, our detailed review of iced coffee and the best iced coffee recipe to make at home. We hope you are now well-informed to make the right decision every time you order a cold coffee beverage from a local café. Remember that your choice of coffee beans and coffee roasts matters significantly in the final taste of your drink, so ensure that you’re sourcing the ingredients from a reliable vendor.

Your pursuit of good iced coffee will not go in vain, and you’ll get to have the dream coffee cup that ignites your soul with a never-ending desire to enjoy life. Good luck!

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