Manual Coffee Grinder 2022 – We put Them to the test

Manual Coffee Grinder 2022 – We put Them to the test
Manual Coffee Grinder

You might remember using your first manual coffee grinder that took a lot of effort and time every morning whenever you needed a fresh cup of Joe. It’s a joy seeing your effort turn into something incredibly delicious and flavorful.

Of course, you can also opt for the electrical coffee grinders, which take surprisingly less time and deliver fine ground beans every time. But these electrical variants do not offer any portability whatsoever, so if you want to enjoy coffee on a hiking adventure or a camping trip, it is best to pack a manual coffee grinder in your backpack.

This article will discuss all there is to know about manual coffee bean grinders. We’ll also shed some light on the top manual coffee grinders of 2022, so you can pick the best one for you.

Are Manual Coffee Grinders Worth It?

In short, manual coffee grinders aren’t for everyone. Some people may find it a hassle to grind their coffee beans every morning, especially if they leave their house in a hurry or have little time to spare. Regardless, this point doesn’t mean that manual coffee grinders don’t hold value; they hold value to selected people.

If you like accuracy in the coffee blend at the cost of convenience, a manual grinder can be well worth the investment. You’ll have to spend some extra time preparing your coffee, but it’ll give you much more freedom. If the thought of a perfect coffee cup entices you, read on to learn more.

Manual Coffee Grinder
Manual Coffee Grinder

Features to Look For in Manual Coffee Grinder:

When you step into the market to purchase a manual grinder, you’ll get tons of options and brands offering devices for your coffee needs. Of course, having multiple options is great, but it might also confuse you in making the final purchase. Here are some defining features that you should look for to purchase the best manual coffee grinder:

1.   Accuracy and Precision:

As you know, the consistency of the grind affects the quality of your coffee significantly. And intuitively, we all might be of the assumption that electric coffee grinder does a pretty good job of it. And it does. But manual grinders are not far behind and, in some cases, leave behind the accuracy of even the commercial-grade grinders. Of course, the final result greatly depends on the manual grinder you purchase, so opt for one with variable settings that give you complete control.

Many people also believe that it’s impossible to reach a perfect grind using a manual grinder, but the opposite is true. And since there is little to no waste (unlike electric coffee grinders), you can rest easy that your efforts are bearing fruit.

2.   Portability:

When looking for the ideal coffee grinder for your needs, it is best to invest in one with fantastic portability. One of the perks of having a manual coffee grinder is its small size and weightless volume that fits easily in almost every backpack. If you only carry a small handbag on your travels, consider investing in a much smaller manual grinder that does the job well and disappears in your handbag after.

3.   Dependable Material Construction:

Another factor that plays a significant role in the final user experience is the materials construction of the coffee grinder. Modern grinders with durable stainless steel construction have little to no moving parts, so the device stays sturdy during operation. Contrarily, plastic variants of coffee grinders can be as durable as steel if you choose the right brand. Invest in a manual grinder that would take a ton of effort even if you forcefully try to destroy it.

4.   Price:

Next up is price. If you’re embarking on the coffee grinding adventure, it is best to invest in an entry-level coffee grinder that comes surprisingly cheap. With the low price and enormous applicability of these devices, it is no wonder that manual coffee grinders are a hit in the current market. Since you’ll be getting extended longevity and high endurance with whatever coffee grinder you buy, you can choose the option best suited for your budget.

5.   Noise:

Waking up early in the morning to prepare a cup of coffee and waking up everyone from the sound of an electric or outdated manual grinder is common in many homes. Your mom would probably throw a shoe if she could, but that all changes with the modern hand coffee grinders.

You can invest in a device that works without a sound or at least mitigates the noise to some extent. You won’t be making coffee without noise, but it’ll be much less than an electric coffee bean grinder.

Top Four Options of Best Manual Coffee Grinder:

If you’re curious about which products in the market offer the most value and dependable features to grind the coffee beans manually, here are the top options for the best manual coffee grinder/hand grinder:

1.   Timemore C3

Timemore is a new name among the appliance industry, but they are quickly climbing the ranks due to their solid products with classy craftsmanship. This manual coffee grinder features a stainless steel body and offers a firm grip while grinding coffee beans. Since it’s not highly priced, Timemore C3 is an excellent option for people looking to buy their first coffee grinder.

You may not be able to get espresso level ground coffee as the level division is much apart than normal grinders.


·       Quality Construction

·       Consistent grind

·       Fairly priced


·       Grind level division is further apart

2.   Hario – Mini Mill

A globally acclaimed product, Mini Mill by Hario, is a blessing in a cylindrical shape that features a sleek plastic design for a weightless device. It can fit in almost every backpack you own so that you can keep this as your reliable travel companion on your adventures. It offers an adjustable element at the bottom to set the grind level and size.


·       Easy to use

·       Great value

·       Sleek design


·       Unreliable grip (the device may slip from your hands)

3.   Comandante – C40

Next up on our list is the expensively priced Comandante C40, a coffee grinder leading the modern industry into the new era of high-quality coffee grinders. It features a nitrogen martensitic steel construction that offers exceptional strength and edge retention. The exterior is appealing, and the wooden handle stays sturdy during operations.


·       Fast and precise

·       Premium quality


·       Expensive

·       Heavy

4.   Timemore Grinder Go

Another entry by Timemore makes in on our list; The Grinder Go. Like other Timemore products, it has the necessary charisma and the Another entry by Timemore makes in on our list; The Grinder Go. Like other Timemore products, it has the necessary charisma and the functional practicality to sit on your kitchen counter as a joyous possession. It has a unique design that allows an in-house battery to do the manual work for you. This device is a class apart as it combines the convenience benefits of electrical and portability benefits of manual coffee grinders in one. You can choose from 10 different adjustments and optimally grind your beans for the perfect cup of coffee; every time.


·       Ten different adjustments

·       Battery-powered

·       Solid construction


·       Quite large

·       Limited portability

How to Use a Manual Coffee Grinder?

Manually grinding beans may sound like a day’s worth of tasks, but it’s effortless. Here is a simple list of steps you can follow to learn how to adjust a manual grinder:

How to Use a Manual Coffee Grinder
How to Use a Manual Coffee Grinder

·       First, unscrew the top part of the coffee grinder and remove the top nut, handle, and locking ring.

·       Adjust the grind ring to the required settings

·       Place the locking ring on top of the chosen grind ring settings

·       Join the handle and top nut back to the device

·       Add coffee beans and grind

Important notes:

·       Clockwise rotation results in a finer grind, whereas anti-clockwise rotation results in a coarser grind

·       Test your setting with a few coffee beans before putting in the actual batch

How to Clean a Manual Coffee Grinder?

The cleanliness of your manual coffee grinder will affect the quality of coffee it delivers. Coffee beans have oil content in them and, while grinding, often sticks to the sides of the container. Naturally, the more coffee you’ll make in a week, the dirtier your coffee grinder will get. So you can make a habit of cleaning the device every week. And it’s straightforward to do so; take a look:

·       Unscrew the top part completely

·       Place all components in a tub of detergent water (use a weak detergent)

·       Rinse thoroughly and put it out to dry

·       Use a soft cloth to remove any moisture or oil component stuck at the corners.


DO NOT use an abrasive cleaning cloth as it can scratch the surface of the grinder. You’ll be compromising on the looks of your manual coffee grinder and might even scratch the device.

Is It Better to Grind My Coffee Beans?

The simple answer is yes. Coffee beans start to lose their authentic aroma and flavor when you put them through the grinding process. So naturally, the more time coffee spends in the ground state, the further its taste deteriorates. If you want the perfect nuances of luxury in your coffee cup, it is best to grind the beans just before you start the preparation.

Of course, the quality of the coffee beans and the type of roast will matter a lot in determining the final product’s taste. So get your coffee beans from a reliable vendor that offers specialty coffee.

What Happens if You Grind The Coffee Too Fine?

If your coffee becomes too fine after grinding, it can result in over-extraction. Your coffee will have a notoriously bitter taste and not complement what you were trying to make. In some cases, you may not even be able to brew your coffee as the water will not pass through the coffee ground due to its miniature size. Hence consistent grind is vital when it comes to making the best coffee.

That being said, people also intentionally grind coffee too fine to use in espresso shots. But it is not suitable for regular everyday use.

Why Are Some Manual Coffee Grinders Too Expensive?

Manufacturers continuously try to use high-quality materials in their manual grinders to improve their durability and endurance in the face of consistent usage. Traditional metal construction is prone to deterioration; hence brands offer stainless steel variants and use even harder metals to build the blades. This way, the grinders become more efficient and reliable, but the price goes sky high. You don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks on the best manual coffee grinders, as a middle-range one with a robust design will work well for at least ten years.

If you’re willing to spend some more money you can opt for a Moka pot, a remarkable tool for getting even ground coffee.


To sum it all up, manual coffee grinders are a blessing for people who travel a lot and require a handy companion to cater to their coffee needs. It’s simple and easy to use, especially once you get it. You may find it overwhelming to go through with the grinding process every day, but the quality of your coffee cup will be well worth it.

And surprisingly, once you make a habit of it, it isn’t easy to go back to electrical devices. We sincerely hope that this article helped coffee lovers learn all there is to know about manual coffee bean grinders, and now you can make an informed choice. Cheers!

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