How to make Marocchino Coffee

How to make Marocchino Coffee

There’s no denying that coffee is a highlight of the day, and brewing coffee in the morning is a ritual for many. However, sometimes, it is nice to take a break from taking the same coffee on repeat and try something new to delight your taste buds. 

Marocchino coffee is a complex coffee beverage that is not only a feast for your eyes and delights your taste buds. Thanks to the taste of coffee and chocolate, it combines to make a layered yet balanced drink. It is fun to make at home with a handful of ingredients. If you want to experiment with something new, read on to learn how to make Maoccino coffee. 

What is Marocchino?

This Italian coffee drink is created with milk foam, espresso, and cocoa powder and then served in a small Gibraltar glass. This chocolate-infused espresso coffee drink is commonly known as the Italian version of Mocha. It has many variations, but the ingredients remain the same, i.e., coffee and chocolate. The layer of milk foam is around 0.5 cm that is topped off by latte art. 

Using fresh coffee is the most important factor that significantly impacts its flavor. Instead of a standard brewed coffee where all ingredients are mixed together, this delicious drink lets you see the layers of all ingredients used while enjoying coffee.

History of Marocchino Coffee

As mentioned above, this coffee drink is a shot of espresso covered with a layer of cocoa powder and then topped with milk foam. The creation of this layered coffee drink is traced back to Italy. After World War II, a similar coffee drink was popularly known as bicerin coffee, which was based on the bavareisa (17th-century coffee drink). Marocchino was inspired by bicerin coffee, in which all the ingredients were layered in the glass rather than mixing them together. It was invented in Alessandria city, but some sources claim that it was created in Bar Carpano, which was an Italian bar that served insanely dark coffee. 

Origin of the name ‘Morocchino’ coffee

There was a hat-making factory named Borsalino across the Bar Carpano that used Moroccan leather to make a product that became popular among the worker of Bar Carpano. They saw the similarities between the color of leather and coffee. Marocchino is an Italian word that means ‘Morocco,’ and both leather and coffee came from Morocco. Thus they decided to name the coffee after Moroccan leather.

Comparison with Similar Drinks

In recent years, you may see a new wave of variations of espresso-based coffee drinks. Baristas and coffee connoisseurs always experiment with something new that helps coffee fanatics enjoy new variations. As espresso-based drinks keep popping up, it is hard to navigate the menu list of these espresso coffees. However, Marocchino easily stands outs, thanks to its distinctive layers of ingredients. But sometimes, it is mistaken for other espresso-based drinks like Mocha, Macchiatos, and Cortados. Here are some of the key differences between these similar drinks: 

·        Marocchino Vs. Mocha

When it comes to chocolate-infused coffee drinks, the first name that comes to our minds is the Mocha. This specialty coffee drink is famous for a good reason. People usually love its balanced and complex flavor. As Mocha tastes like chocolatey coffee, so most people think it is pretty similar to morocchino. However, both drinks are fundamentally different. A typical mocha contains 2/5 espresso, 2/5 chocolate, and 1/5 steamed milk. Similar ingredients in different ratios yield a cup of morocchino. The latter has a layer of chocolate and is served in smaller portions. In other words, marocchino is a spinoff of the mochaccinos and mocha lattes.

·        Marocchino Vs Macchiato

Macchiato is an Italian espresso-based drink, which is translated as ‘marked’ or stained. It is an espresso with a dash of milk. If the milk stains the dark and rich espresso, it is referred to as an espresso macchiato. Unlike Marocchino, it is served in a ceramic demitasse cup. For a macchiato, two tbsp. of steamed milk is used for one shot of espresso. On the other hand, marocchino is made with 5 tbsp. of frothed whole milk and 3 tbsp. of chocolate for a shot of espresso.

The drink becomes a latte macchiato when it consists of a shot of espresso, a lot of steamed milk, and foamed milk on top. It is layered and often served in a large glass like marocchino. However, the difference arises in the espresso-to-milk ratios and the ingredients. 

Marocchino Vs Cortado

A Cortado is an espresso-based drink that is made with roughly equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk. Their mixture makes the perfect balance between milk and coffee flavors. The equal parts of milk reduce the acidity. The perfect harmony of flavors lets you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Comes from Spain, this coffee drink has become a popular espresso drink. It is usually served in a small cup regardless of the café or barista.

However, marocchino is served in a small-sized glass cup. The cup size of cortado is pre-determined, while baristas have leeway to alter the serving size when it comes to marocchino. 

The other noticeable difference between cortado and marocchino is the milk foam. Cortado has not much milk foam, while marocchino is topped with milk foam which is its major part. The recipe ratio of milk and espresso is 1:1 to create a creamy cup. In comparison, a marocchino contains 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk foam, and 1/3 chocolate.

How to Make Marocchino Coffee

Making marocchino coffee is simple, and you can easily make it at home using an espresso machine. If you don’t have one, you can use strong coffee and a handheld milk frother for milk frothing.

What you need

-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

-18g coffee beans

-3 to 4 oz. milk

-Espresso coffeemachine

-coffee grinder


Marocchino Coffee

Steps to make Marocchino Coffee

Prepare the hot chocolate:

Prepare the hot chocolate in the small pitcher and pour it into a small cup. If you don’t like hot chocolate, use Nutella as a great substitute. Now take a serving glass and smear the hot chocolate on the side of the glass with the spoon. 

Brew the coffee:

Grind the coffee beans in the coffee grinder before brewing the coffee. Marocchino coffee calls for a single shot of espresso. Pull a shot of espresso into the same serving glass. 

Froth the milk

The next step is frothing the milk in the steaming pitcher using a steam wand. Like cappuccino, marocchino is also topped with airy and light foam. 

Assemble the drink:

It is served as a layered coffee drink to make all the ingredients visible through the serving glass. Now gently pour the milk foam onto the espresso and chocolate mixture in the glass. Then sprinkle the cocoa powder on the micro-foam using a fine-mesh sieve.

How to serve Marocchino Coffee?

The presentation of marocchino makes it aesthetically appealing. Its presentation is a very important aspect that you need to pay attention to when you make it. Rather than serving in a cup, it is served in a small glass so that the drinker can clearly see the three layers of ingredients. Another aspect that is often overlooked is the glass’s temperature. Marocchino coffee should be poured into a warm glass to retain its creaminess.

What Goes Well with a Marocchino?

This chocolaty coffee goes well with pastries like donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and sweet rolls. It also pairs well with swiss, cheddar, and gouda cheese. The verities of creamy cheese generally go well with it. If you are not a big fan of cheese and prefer something nutritious, you can pair fruits with this milky chocolaty delight. Tangerines and oranges can be a great combination to enjoy this coffee. You can also pair it with peach, strawberries, and blueberries because they won’t ruin your coffee’s flavors.


There are plenty of variations you can find on the marocchino across the world. The most common variations that can be found are the way people usually opt to add chocolate to the coffee. Some will use chocolate syrup, while others will use sweet cocoa instead of bitter cocoa to have a chocolate layer on the top. Some other minor changes include using frothed milk instead of micro-foam or using chocolate powder for sweetness. Rather than using an espresso shot, you can also use a ristretto for a more concentrated coffee flavor. Another significant variation comes from Piedmont (the Italian town where Nutella was born), where Nutella is used on top instead of cocoa powder.  


Do you still want to know about marocchino coffee, read on!

How many calories are in marocchino coffee?

A marocchino coffee has approx. 41 calories when whole milk, a single shot of espresso, and unsweetened cocoa powder are used to prepare it. If you prepare it with hot chocolate, it contains approx. 56 calories. However, the calorie count will depend on the hot chocolate brand you use to make marocchino coffee. If hot chocolate is switched out to a teaspoon of Nutella, the calorie count will be around 100. 

Marocchino Freddo vs. Marocchino Caldo

When you use steamed milk to prepare, Marocchino is called Marocchino Caldo. However, the cold version of this drink is marocchino freddo. The recipe of both drinks calls for the same ingredients, i.e., milk, a shot of espresso, and chocolate syrup or cocoa powder.

But cold milk is used to make the Marocchino Freddo rather than steamed milk, and all its ingredients are mixed with ice in the shaker. The ice gets strained and you will get a refreshing and foamy chocolate coffee drink. In short marocchino freddo consist of espresso coffee, sugar syrup, cold milk, and cocoa powder. On the other hand, marochhino caldo is a regular marocchino, which contains a shot of espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup, milk foam, and cocoa powder.

What are the best Tips to make a more flavorful Marocchino?

· Traditionally, this chocolate coffee beverage is served without sugar, but if you are a fan of sweet coffee, you can add a little sugar. Its aroma is more straightforward due to the lack of sugar. 

· The only difficulty you might face to achieve good results is getting the right milk froth. With a good milk frother, you can make a more flavorful marocchino.

· Having the right layers is the key element. This element makes it more impressive and aesthetically appealing. 

· As it doesn’t contain sugar and the cocoa used in this recipe is bitter and unleavened, so always pull the shot of espresso with 100% Arabica coffee. Arabica has a sweet and mild taste, and it counters the bitterness of cocoa. 


There you have it—everything you want to know to brew a perfect cup of marocchino coffee. If you are a coffee addict and have a sweet tooth for chocolate, this layered coffee drink is for you. The intense flavor, creamy consistency, and eye-catchy layers of marocchico are enough to kick start your day. Happy brewing!

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